Woody Geometric Stacker | 25 pcs of Colorful Solid Wood Geometric Stacker

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  • SUPER FUN EDUCATION TOY - Woody Geometric Stacker (TM) is a fun and educational toy for your kids. It really helps your baby to be able to build their early shapes, colors, and size sorting skills. These wooden toys come in various colors and shapes that will attract +3yo children to play, your children will love this stacker for sure! Also, these wooden rings are perfect for early gift Christmas or adorable Birthday gift!
  • 3 EXCEPTIONAL COLORFUL SHAPES - There are 25 pcs of 3 different shapes on this stacking toy set: rings, octagons, and two-part rectangles. It also comes in many colors, making study times so fun! Our wooden ring set can improve children’s minds in creativity, logic, measurement, develop fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination skill which is vital as initial life lessons. Our ring stacker is a great learning tool for young babies, helps them learn to grab and hold objects.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Each piece of this puzzle toy set is carefully crafted of high-quality wood material and coated with non-toxic paint. That's why this stacking block is splinter free and super safe to play with! If this stacking toy is not safe enough for your children, feel free to return it to us and get your money back guarantee within 30 days!
  • IMPROVES HAND-EYE COORDINATION - The diverse shape and color of this toy set are made to strengthen hand-eye coordination when your kid places the shapes on the wooden rods. It stimulates your kids' brain! The middle wooden pole is connected firmly to the base, making it sturdy and durable. Also, the ring holes are sized perfectly to match the pole so it won't be too tight to stack in & out of.
  • GET YOUR OWN NOW! - Woody Geometric Stacker (TM) will definitely be your toddler's next favorite toy, come get your own before the stocks run out and spend a quality learning time with your little ones!