About us

I am a mother of two very 'vibrant' boys and a full-time wife with a full-time job. I love writing poems, taking pictures, playing the piano and traveling in my spare time...when I was very single. Now I still love those things... but mostly from a distance... in my journals and on Facebook. On a serious note though, my family and I live in Jamaica and we know how difficult it is to raise children on a tight budget. So we're trying to make being parents that much easier, by making available essential items for mothers, especially new and expecting mothers, who are also on a tight budget.

Some mothers have the title of Supermom, Ultramom or even Super-Ultra mom! The rest of us are simply trying to ensure that we have at least one warm meal a day and we're showered and groomed and our kids are fed and polished. The name momplete was coined from the two words, complete mom for moms who may not be a Super, Ultra or Super-Ultra mom. It is for the mothers that have every desire to give their children a better, more fulfilling and complete life experience than their own, super or not.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the catalogue and the blog...until the kids get home! Knock yourself out. You deserve it! Please let me know if you need any help or even a shopping partner because I love a good bargain too.