When $h¡+ Starts to Fly...Literally!

Life can be so dynamic. Sometimes I want to accomplish a million and one things in a heartbeat. Since having kids, life has slowed down a bit and I have had to adjust to a new level of normal. Like staying up at nights just to catch up on life and connecting with my friends through Facebook and WhatsApp between the hours on 11 pm and 2 am. That's a new normal for me. I sometimes remember that I haven't eaten or had a thing to drink all day when it's at the end of the day. I find myself just zone out as my mind wonders off to the things I used to do while I was single. It's not unusual for me to end up eating a cold meal or not having my tea in time that it gets too cold (My husband is convinced I do this on purpose though. Strange guy, right?)

A prime example of what our new normal is, is highlighted in our recent plane journey for the summer. We traveled with both boys for the first time so they could enjoy their first and possibly last "free" plane ride. Boarding was absolutely fine and everyone loves a cute baby and a blabber-mouth toddler so spirits were high. My husband sat with our toddler in lap across the aisle from where I sat with the baby in lap. We took off and both kids were pretty much A-okay for take off and just a bit excited and very "chatty" but 'normal' nonetheless. 

I noticed that someone had a smelly bum so I hinted to hubby that I think the big one needs a change. When hubby asked him if he did a doo-doo, his response was a big smack in the mouth with a loud defiant "No!". We were both quite surprised, but we gave him a minute to chill out then hubby took him to the lavatory in first class. These lavatories are so tiny and not the best place for a diaper change as you may know, and our toddler is a big fighter when it comes to changing time. So I didn't think it strange when they were taking a while to come back out. Then it got a bit borderline when almost half-an-hour had passed and they still weren't out and a few passengers were getting noticeably restless as they stood waiting to use the lavatory. About 40 minutes later, they finally came out and our toddler was half-naked with only his diaper on and his clothes in a plastic bag. I gave hubby a questioning look and all he did was shake his head from side to side like he had been defeated. That said it all...well, so I thought until I heard the full story. A few minutes later, we heard announced on the intercom, "We just want to report that one of the lavatories is currently out of service. We apologise for the inconvenience and we will keep you updated when it is back in full service. Thank you." I looked at hubby in absolute shock and confusion! This was the first class restroom! What could have gone so horribly wrong?

So here's what he told me afterwards. When he put our son on the changing table and took off his pants, he started to sit up and the unmentionable started oozing from all corners of his diaper! So after feeling this strange sensation on his back and down his legs presumably, our son proceeded to stretch forth his hands to feel what it was or wipe it off or I don't know, and got it all over his hands. This little boy does NOT like when things get stuck all over his fingers, so he will try by all means to get it off... and so he did! He started flashing those fingers and $h!+ started to fly... quite literally! It got on the mirrors, on the floor, boyh high and low, no surface was spared. It was all over the place and the smell plastered the entire lavatory according to hubby. Hubby did his best to clean up and wipe every surface with those tiny plasma-thin tissues that come in these lavatories, but the smell alone was hard to die down. Poor hubby.

But the look on those flight attendants' faces afterwards as they opened the lavatory door... several times before they just finally dove right in. Hubby apologised to them, but it was nevertheless quite embarrassing.

Though this is not a typical example of a day in our lives, it is a prime example of how nothing really goes as planned with kids. Nothing! So we are both trying to embrace the dynamics that our kids bring to our lives and not fight it.

So what is the new normal for you? How have your children brought about an acceptance of things that you could have never imagined before? Have you ever had $h!+ fly right before your eyes anywhere near this?

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