Time for Truth

I think it's time to start sharing some painful truths that I don't hear often, but I see and feel almost every day. Truths that I really wish I had known a long time ago if I had the maturity and soundness of mind to accept as just that: the truth. I know I would only have seen it as pure pessimism, but now I can see more clearly and wish others would be more honest about these things too. Some people may not like or agree with these thoughts and that’s absolutely fine. This is more like a letter to my younger self, so here goes.

You can't be kind to everyone. Some people just don't know how to appreciate your kind of kind; pure, unadulterated, selfless, endless, bountiful. It's not their fault, they're just not used to it. There's a quote that says if you don’t know the use of a thing, you'll abuse that thing. So there's no need wasting time nor tears over people who only abuse your kindness.

Sometimes no matter how hard you pray, recovery may not come. This is a harsh reality and I’m going to get a little graphic here. Someone shared this story with me. After carrying a child for months, then placing his hand into their own like a tiny flower petal, looking into his eyes, watching him smile back, only to have breath leave his body just a few days old, because he came too soon as a result of what a doctor mis-prescribed. True story.

I remember once when I was fifteen, I prayed for an aunt who had bone marrow cancer. She was a very healthy eater, hardly ever had processed food to eat, if any. Yet she had cancer. I prayed so hard for her recovery, even though I never met her before, I only heard of how wonderful she was. I vowed to never stop praying until she recovered. But she didn’t. She passed away on May 20, 2000. I cried so hard even though I never knew her. I remembered this verse, “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all” – 2 Cor 4:17

Sometimes hard work does not pay off. I know some people may say hard work always pays off, but it may not be in ways that we can physically see etc. That’s okay, but that is the essence of the challenge: you can’t see it, but you must just believe it. It’s even more challenging when you feel like being a virtuous and honest hard worker is an absolute waste of time, in the presence of not-so-virtuous workers who seem to be getting ahead and far ahead too! This is a real challenge and a very real reality. Yet these words make it even more challenging, “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” – Ecc 9:11

Sometimes you may cry and not know why, but you know that all you want to do is just sit there and drown in your endless abyss of tears without question, interruption, disturbance, understanding or judgement. That’s okay. I get it.

Money can't buy back time. Work and other obligations in life can pass the time very quickly in life and before you know it, you’ve run out of time. You work so hard to pay bills for a house, car or children that you don’t spend half your life with or in. Find time for life. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Be deliberate to make plans with family and loved ones instead of waiting for your schedule to clear up so you can pencil them in. You may not live to even regret such a mistake.

Your salary does not define your worth and your job is just a temporary state. Don’t get frustrated each time you see your paycheck and see no room for improvement in sight. Furthermore, you may have to endure repeated ill-treatment, genuine lack of care and concern beyond face value. Think higher, think bigger and move forward in the full knowledge of your worth. Constantly pursue greater opportunities for yourself to expand and grow. The world is your oyster. Own it.

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