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Pea in a pod

I still stay up at nights to watch my little ones sleep. Perhaps it's because I've gotten so used to them being sick so often and having to stay up all night to ensure they're still breathing. Maybe even more so because of that one night when my son's fever was rising so rapidly that he started having a seizure, without even a sound. He was just totally stiff and if I weren't up to see what was happening, I don't know what would have happened. As a first time mom of a one-year old who has no history of seizures in his life or his family history, this was a very frightening experience. 

I share this to say that we should never take life for granted. It's something that has been said and over-said, but it never goes old and should never be forgotten. I tend to appreciate the brevity of life the most, either when someone dies or someone is born. In those moments, everything else in life seems to pale in comparison to the intense sadness or joy of the moment. 

I have not experienced the loss a child whether in the womb, childbirth or in life. Nonetheless, I pray for those who have loved and lost when someone shares their story with me, whether I know them or not. There are so many women in our country and in the world that have to endure this unjust suffering and grief that no one can carry for them. I have heard of countless stories of mother's who go through such loss. It is an absolute miracle how a child forms, develops, grows and comes out of a mother's womb. It is a miracle that happens every single day around the world and I don't think we give thanks nearly enough for it. It's absolutely amazing.

As for me and my house, I will continue to watch my little ones as they sleep, as they make a mess as they eat, as they peep on me in the shower and as they enjoy doing everything I tell them not to do. It's a messy life, but I'm very grateful for it.

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