Yes! I've finally laid sleep to rest!

It has been a constant struggle for me as a mom of two growing toddler boys to get sufficient night time sleep. This struggle, however, dates back to pre-kids days. If it's not because of late-night studying, it's my unendingly restless mind buzzing with either ideas that I need to write down before they evaporate from my mind, or a sudden mental rush of things I forgot to do during the day that I need to remember to do tomorrow. Now, the impetus behind my restless thoughts have 'matured' to include my kids, my well-being, my marriage and my spiritual growth.  The main burglar of sleep admittedly is having to keep abreast with two very active, growing, exploring boys who are on the move from disconnecting plugs to climbing atop the roof behind our backs, literally. They also suffer from a seemingly endless cycle of ear infections or some other illness that comes with roasting fever and miserable, stuffy, sleepless boys and a worried sick mama.

The past weekend like many others, I got the friendly "I hope you get some rest this weekend" to which I usually reply, "I hope so too." But I very well know, as I've come to realise, that rest is a fleeting, fictional, figment of my imagination. I know 'they' say sleeping the required hours at night is so important for bodily functions, state of mind and general world peace, the way I see it, I won't have a functional life either way! Granted, there are times when useless thoughts keep me up at nights, most nights I'm honestly up because the boys refuse to stop singing or screaming themselves to sleep or they're struggling to breathe due some recurring infection. How could I reasonably sleep through this? After all, my name isn't Daddy-o who can sleep a blistering hurticane! Okay fine, withdrawn. But my point is, this stage of life won't last forever. They won't be constantly sick forever (hopefully!). They won't always want water, pizza, bread, crackers, gummies and a slice of lemon at the eleventh hour before bedtime, right? This stage won't last forever, it is only temporary and soon enough, in some strange way - I'll miss the dependence they have on me and their Dad and wish for it all again.

So right here, right now, I have come to terms with it and I've finally laid sleep to rest. I have never felt more at peace about it too. The stuggle to constantly try to get enough sleep at nights is an added pressure on my to-do list that I don't need right now. Whenever I do get some rest, whether it be because Daddy or Grandma take the boys for a while or when we go on vacations, I'm very grateful for it and try to get the rest that I can. Otherwise, I've had it with trying to 'catch up' on sleep. It's such a tiring race and I've quit running it down and losing my breath over it. I'm just accepting it for what it is and I pass that baton of restful nights to some other supermom. Now that's something to sleep on!

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